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                                                                                                  Aviation English Program

This course is intended for people with limited knowledge of aviation, who are aiming to start their training for a career in the aviation industry. They may wish to become a pilot or an air traffic controller, or to be involved in airport administration, and need to have an overview of how the aviation world works.
This special programme gives them an insight into the world of aviation and an understanding of some of its terminology, whilst improving their general English language at the same time.

The course provides a useful combination of intensive general English and aviation English tuition. The intensive programme, adopting an integrated skills approach, focuses on general English language development. The specialised component of the course concentrates on extending the trainee’s aviation English vocabulary, whilst also improving the receptive and productive language skills, using a range of topic areas within the context of aviation.

Course Information

The course will include the following components:

General English language tuition
The course concentrates on structure and usage, oral communication, vocabulary development and listening and reading comprehension.

Aviation English language tuition

  • The course focuses on developing the necessary language skills and vocabulary required for communication in a variety of Aviation contexts.
  • Careers in the Aviation industry - pilots, air traffic controllers, engineers and other ground staff
  • Aircraft - types, structure and maintenance
  • Airport - areas, layouts, equipment and planning
  • Phases of flight - pushback, take-off en route and landing
  • Language of flying - communication in the air and on the ground
  • Theory of flight
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Emergency situations
  • International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)

 This course can be certified by our partner The Anglo-Continental www.anglo-continental.com

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