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The famous questions people used to ask when they come to Wesco institutes are; what is TOEFL all about?, what its uses?, Why do they need it? Etc. And most of them end up enjoying the Course at Wesco higher Professional training.

Do you know: The 7 type of English Training we offer in WESCO institute

What is TOEFL all about?

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It measures the ability of non-native speakers of English to students utilise their skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing and is one of the most widely respected and recognised English-language tests in the world.

At Wesco, most people who take the TOEFL are planning to study at a university or college where English is the medium of instruction (ie in USA,Canada, etc). However, the test is also used by immigration departments to issue residential and work visas, medical and licensing agencies for professional certification purposes, apart from individuals who simply want to assess their understanding of, and proficiency in, the English language.

For students planning to study overseas, TOEFL helps prove that they have the English skills that will actually be needed in an academic classroom. The test is composed of 100% academic tasks and questions. Therefore, many universities and colleges worldwide consider it to be one of the most appropriate tests of English while deciding on admissions.

Preparation is key to getting a good TOEFL score. Investing time and effort in preparing for the exam is a critical element in the test taking strategy.Wesco Cameroon offers quality TOEFL coaching that ensures students get the best possible preparation. Here are just a few reasons why students should choose to prepare for the TOEFL with Wesco Higher professional training:

  • One of the largest and most successful global education companies in India with 21 years of experience in assisting students make informed decisions about their future and guiding them about their education options both in India and overseas.

  • Vast experience in providing quality test preparation programmes for some of the most common standardized tests worldwide having helped several thousand students every year to successfully achieve their desired test scores.

  • Experienced, qualified and professional faculty drawn from some of the most elite institutions in India, all of whom have undergone a rigorous training schedule and who are subject to a regular and thorough evaluation process to ensure that their subject knowledge and teaching practices continue to be amongst the best in the industry.

  • Thorough understanding of university entry requirements and admission processes worldwide with a vast network of partner institutions across the globe where thousands of students are placed annually having successfully achieved their desired test scores.

  • Flexible and convenient schedules that suit students' needs and requirements with small batch sizes that allows for personalized attention to ensure that every individual establishes realistic goals for score improvement, understands the key test concepts and is given comprehensive guidance on effective test taking strategies.

In addition, The Wesco Institute also offers all its students a comprehensive 5 Point Study Plan built around their needs and requirements. Students enrolling for TOEFL preparation with WESCO, you will benefit from the following ability:

  • take a demo class before enrolling

  • monitor progress through personalized review sessions after class hours

  • improve test scores through extra tutoring and result oriented strategies

  • enhance aptitude levels through customized question pools and strategic quiz tools

  • revise from question banks that mirror the test exam

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Why choosing WESCO Cameroon.


Wesco may not be the only institute in Cameroon, but its always remain the Best & the most recognized international institute in Africa and in all over the world. Wesco has many sub branches in some African Countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, equatorial Guinness. WESCO Cameroon is the official representative of MAC EWAN University, Lethbridge College and Norquest College.With several years of experience in training professionals and in other fields,wesco Cameroon is ready to promote any candidate who would like to study in Canada, USA, london etc. along with their certificate such as TOEFL,TFI, IELS etc.The advantage of applying through WESCO is a free Visa assistance.

What is the benefit to being member of Wesco community?

People usually join Wesco with different objective & aims, for all members of WESCO enjoy the following advantages:

Education Counseling and guide on how to choose a career.

Test preparation and tips.

Application guide and

how to secure a place in any of the above mentioned institutions.

Assistance on how to obtain a student visa.

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