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     Since WESCO is based in Douala Cameroon, most of our onside students are Cameroonians. The majority of our online students are from other Africa countries and Europe.

   WESCO is a growing Institution that is winning not only the TESOL market in Cameroon but also in professional training. With the promising nature of TESOL and other professional training courses we offer, the number of students is growing very rapidly. From every indication we are confident to having between 1000 and 1300 students in the next two years if the project become a reality in our institution.

 WESCO has put in place a very dynamic advertisement strategy that leaves no stone unturned:

  • We are currently sensitizing different Educational Institutions on the importance to improve on the methods of teaching the acquisition of the English Language through the TESOL.  Through this, we intend to win the market of training English Language teachers of these institutions.
  •               We also intend to offer free radio and television courses on the use of the English Language to those who may wish to improve their language production but lack either the financial means or time to do so. This can also be beneficial to drivers, shop seller, office workers, etc. Our aim of doing this is to let the world know our competence.
  • We shall send out proposal letters to employers to help improve the level of language production and usage by their employees since the world is fast becoming a global village and we all need to communicate to the understanding of all in the language most common in the world. Through this, we intend to win contracts to teach English to Corporate bodies.
  •    We shall make radio and television advertisement to reach out to the masses. With this, we intend to sell WESCO to everyone and make them want to study at WESCO because of the bright future that awaits them after their studies.
  •        We also wish to organize free career orientations and guide to students by visiting schools onsite. This method will help us win the confidence of school authorities and students and intern, the students may wish to continue their career pursuit at WESCO.
  •      Above all, with this project Cameroonian students will find it very interesting and worth venturing. This will give us a great plus in all of our Ads through all media.

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